Threaded Brass Inserts For Fastening Different Materials

Threaded insert or bushing inserts are among fastener elements that are inserted into an object to add a threaded hole. These are used to repair a stripped threaded hole. It offers a durable threaded hole to the soft material, mold or cast threads into work piece.


Manufacturers of threaded brass inserts design inserts into many varieties, depending on the application type. Inserts for plastic are used in plastic materials and applied with ultrasonic welding machines or thermal insertion. People who use sandwich panel, sheet metal or honeycomb sandwich-structured composite use threaded inserts to spread tension, shear, and torque loads over larger area of the material.
Some Types Of Inserts Are-
Captive nuts have two basic styles- cage nut and a threaded insert. Cage nut is a conventional design held captive by a sheet metal carrier, which is attached on the part to be connected. Captive nuts are applied to link screws to sheet metal parts that are too thin to be threaded. These fasteners can be easily attached, removed, and reused with simple hand tools.

Threaded inserts are generally used in plastic casings, parts and housing to develop a metal thread.

Externally threaded inserts have threads outside and inside of the insert.

Helical insert is made of coiled wire.

Mold-in inserts are internally threaded and have a shaped outer diameter used to anchor the insert in plastic. These inserts can be heated and pressed into pre-made thermoplastics.
Press fit inserts have a knurled outer diameter and are internally threaded.

Manufacturers are making all these types of inserts. You can anytime contact them and collect these threaded brass inserts. You can even order online and get delivery at your place. Many exporters and suppliers are delivering these inserts across the world. You can get in touch with them to source premium range of inserts.